Insurance: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

by William Schuth in ,

Last week Scott Walker's administration began notifying 92,000 poor and working-class Wisconsinites they would be kicked off BadgerCare and into Affordable Care Act exchanges in December. How are things across the river in Minnesota? The House author of Minnesota's health insurance exchange law:

We’re already seeing the positive results of our decision to “keep it local.” The federal government recently released average premium costs for 47 states, and the information confirms that Minnesota will have the lowest average premiums — not just in the Midwest, but nationwide — on plans sold through exchanges.

In Minnesota, the average monthly premium across all age groups will be $192. The next lowest average is in Tennessee at $245. And the national average is $328.

Unfortunately for Wisconsin residents, as a result of Walker’s decision to throw in with a federally run exchange, they will see average monthly premiums of $361. That’s 88 percent higher than the average premium here in Minnesota.

Average monthly premiums of $361 for single Wisconsinites earning more than $958.34 per month? I understand that figure doesn't include federal subsidies for ACA exchanges, but that's still going to filch a huge percentage of poor folks' take home pay.

I love living in Wisconsin, something I certainly never anticipated as a lifelong Minnesotan. It's a difficult, oft-challenged love. But I'm not leaving; there's too much work to be done here.

Wisconsin is my home now.