Playing Chicken with Veterans' Lives

by William Schuth in

From the Washington Post:

Although VA has exempted claims processors so it can process claims, the department will not have money to issue by the end of the month, the statement said.

“Those benefits are provided through appropriated mandatory funding, and that funding will run out by late October,” said the VA statement. “At that point, VA will be unable to make any payments.”

“Think a shutdown won’t hurt veterans? Think again,” Tommy Sowers, VA’s assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs, wrote in a tweet Sunday referring to The Post story.

Disability payments for October have already been accounted for. November? Nope.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have a brief government shutdown FAQ here.

Veterans won't be the only folks hurt by the asinine game of chicken unfolding in Congress. This one just hits particularly close to home.