If They Make it Through December

by William Schuth in , ,

Things are going to get worse for low-income Wisconsinites this December. Governor Scott Walker is kicking families of four earning more than $23,550 and singles earning more than $11,500 off BadgerCare in time for Christmas. From the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the bad news:

Ultimately, about 92,000 people are expected to lose Medicaid coverage and instead have to shop for federally subsidized private insurance through the exchange, or marketplace.
Walker proposed, and the Republican Legislature earlier this year approved, new income limits that restrict BadgerCare coverage to adults earning less than 100 percent of poverty. That is $11,500 for an individual or $23,550 for a family of four. Until the change, adults earning up to 200 percent of poverty were eligible.

Walker rejected federal money under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul law to pay for coverage those who earn up to 138 percent of poverty. However, Walker’s budget did provide additional money to eliminate a waiting list for Medicaid coverage for childless adults who earn less than 100 percent of poverty. That is expected to add about 82,000 people to the program.