Just One Smile

by William Schuth in

My dear friend & colleague Doug Bradley's thoughts on the images of the Vietnam War and the difficult realities behind them:

I'm reminded of this, both by the publication of these extraordinary photos in Vietnam: The Real War, but also because I think I know where true appreciation of the horror that's captured in these Vietnam images resides.

And that is with us Vietnam veterans.

We don't need a photo book to see these images in our heads, to agonize over the loss of our comrades, to distinguish in a split second between the fear in the eyes of a Vietnamese peasant and the danger lurking in a potential enemy, to wake up at night in a cold sweat ...

At the end of his post, Doug recounts his son's response to an exhibit of Vietnam veteran portraits; it will stop you in your tracks. Read the whole thing and check out Doug on Twitter or Tumblr.